Marketing reports made easy.

Streamline all of your reporting into user-friendly dashboards for quick analysis in three easy steps:

  • Join all of your data sources in a single location
  • Automate data mapping and modeling
  • Curate relevant charts and graphs for quick reference

"Before Panoramic, 50% of my day was spent creating pivot tables. Now I have the information I need at the click of a button."

Social Media Marketer, Film Studio

Reporting on the performance of your marketing campaigns shouldn’t be difficult.

Our approach is simple – put everything you need in one dashboard. Panoramic makes data wrangling a thing of the past by mapping and modeling your data to uncover key insights. Your marketing data is ready for analysis in hours, not weeks, enabling instant discovery of information that determines campaign success. Visit our website for more examples of how Panoramic helps marketers accurately report on performance.