Automate the client reporting process to save time (and frustration) with Panoramic

Easily import your data from advertising, social, CRM, marketing automation, analytics tools, and more, into a single platform.

Reporting on campaign performance is essential for any agency.

Clients expect to see colorful charts, comprehensive writeups, and organize presentations about how you’re helping them reach their goals.

Compiling this information can take hours, if not days. Multiply that by five clients and your workweek is spent.

Panoramic makes reporting simple. We put everything you need in place and automate data collection, mapping, and modeling, so you can spend your time using the data rather than organizing it.

All of your data in one place enables your agency to easily:

The list above scratches the surface of everything that is available to you when you take a simplified approach to reporting. Request a demo today and witness for yourself how quickly and easily you can report on a variety of KPIs for each of your clients. Take back the time you spend sorting through data and use it to drive campaign performance.