Collaborate and Connect while Working Remote

Now, more than ever, teams across the globe are virtually coming together to collaborate in live environments and make real-time decisions. The Panoramic platform enables you to easily track and discuss your marketing performance whether you’re two feet or 20 miles from your colleagues.

Collaboration on Panoramic is the ideal remote feature. “I can leave comments for multiple paid digital platforms quickly in the tool itself instead of dealing with long written emails or screenshots to provide the context required for all team members to get on the same page. This saves me time and allows my WFH teammates to quickly absorb what I am communicating,” says Rebecca Broughton, Associate Account Director at Operam. See below for some work from home collaboration inspiration.

Designed to be your go-to marketing intelligence platform no matter where you are, here are a few ways our clients get in the data-zone without the friendly interruptions of your office’s open floor plan. 

  • Collaborate across any number of remote offices alongside the same chart to evaluate performance such as ROAS, CPC, VCR, and more.
  • Customize your comments to stay organized. Mark as unread, resolve a comment, or label your comment as an action item or question.
  • Tag your colleagues across departments or start a private conversation for swift responses on changes in performance.